Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Almost Finished (Maybe?)!

Guys, believe it or not, our major house renovations are coming to a close! After nearly 18 months of trips to the hardware store, renting equipment, lots of DIY projects, blood, sweat and tears, we are nearing the end of our renovations. Though my Dad keeps reminding me that old houses are never really done, there is a definite sense of excitement about not having to replace any more floors or cut any more holes in the house for a long time.

Our upstairs bathroom floor is now finished! It is bittersweet, finishing the last of the tile - Daniel and I were achieving high levels of awesome when it came to installing our own tile, and now that we really have it down to a science, we're done.

Daniel and his brother put the first bunch of tiles down, 
then I stepped in to help finish when Aaron had to leave.

Voila! Sweet looking tile floor, complete with grout.

Interesting story here. While we were tiling the upstairs bath, Dan and I had to use our downstairs bathroom for 10 days or so. We had never used the shower in the downstairs bath until now. After two days of using the shower, we found that there was a leak somewhere in the wall containing the pipes, and the drywall was starting to disintegrate. Ugh. Now we're going to have to tear apart the shower downstairs. At least we found out about it now rather than over the holidays when we'll have a house full of people. Still, it was a pretty big bummer. Photos to come of that in another post.

My wonderful Mom-in-law decided that she wanted to start painting some of our rooms, so Daniel and I have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks holding up paint swatches and trying to choose some colors. I'm so grateful that she has put the time and effort into painting; we have some good looking rooms!

Dining room. Color is called "Colonial White." Nothing
super-colorful, but it really softens up the harsh white 
of the primer. Mom also painted the living room in the
same color, since the rooms are adjacent to each other.

Nursery painted a soft yellow called "Spice Delight." 
We went for a yellow color because we are having
some very special design painting done in here in the
next few months, and yellow worked well for what is
going to be done. More on this fun in another post :)

And speaking of nursery...

Wheee! Baby crib! My parents bought us this crib
as a gift for their first grandson. All we need now is
a mattress.

My parents-in-law bought us this dresser
for the wee one. It was made by a local
Amish carpenter.

We still have a few months to finish the nursery, so I'm sure I'll be putting up more pictures once a few more pieces come together. But it is definitely starting to look good.

Moving on to other rooms...

After 10 months with a plywood counter top, I finally have a real one!

Nothing fancy, just laminate...

...but I can clean it, and it looks amazing!

Daniel recently bought us a clothes washer and dryer. After some finangling and running of pipes and wires, my dad-in-law had them up and running for me. I no longer have to haul my pregnant self over to my in-laws house carrying baskets full of laundry - now it's just a quick trip down the stairs.

The cat doesn't know what to do with the new 
machines in his basement domain.

Last, but certainly not least....

We have some working bedroom doors...
kind of...
this one in particular still needs some framing on top.

We haven't put any knobs on yet, so
the doors don't latch. That's next week's
project. But they are up and give more
privacy than a curtain.

I have one more door to sand down and poly before it can go up. I've been working on and off with it for a few weeks, and it really is slow going; there are so many layers of paint to sand down! While I work on that, Daniel and my Dad in law will be finishing the door frames and putting in the rim locks for the nursery and spare room doors.

Our last big project sits in the garage, leaving barely enough room to park our car.

First, we had to clean out all of the junk from the 
past year of renovations.

Then we filled it up again with all of the baseboard
and window/door trim needed for the downstairs.

Dad in law ordered it from a local Amish woodworker.
It's solid oak, and will look stunning after we're done 
sanding and staining it.

That, my friends, will be our last major project in our home. Well, that and the shower downstairs that leaks :) Will it ever really be completed? Maybe not, but at some point in the near future Dan and I will be able to sit back and relax in a house that looks finished!