Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmastime Is Here!

I've always loved the sights and smells of Christmas. I am thrilled this year to fill my house with them! As Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" plays from the other room, I look to my left and there stands a lovely REAL Christmas tree, fully decorated and welcoming the season.

We put our tree up in the library. Can't wait to put
a fire in the fireplace and sip some hot chocolate!

With the onset of the colder weather, we've begun our inside-the-house projects. Actually, Dan and I didn't start them; his parents started them for us! We came home from our Thanksgiving trip to find that our downstairs doors had been installed, stained and polyurethaned.

Basement door at center and two office doors to the

Looking from the office to the dining room
and bathroom (way in the back).

Hurray for doors! Daniel's home office now can be closed off while he is working. I am most excited about finally having a bathroom door; curtains just weren't cutting it. It isn't perfect yet; if you notice, the doors do not yet have knobs or latches. I am trying to find old doorknobs for everything to keep with the "old" house theme. No luck yet, so if anyone knows of people getting rid of old doorknobs, let me know!

Just this past weekend, the men did a bit of outdoor work between rainstorms. Our side porch now has a railing on it. We didn't really want one, but the insurance company insisted that a railing was necessary in order for them to insure the house. Dan, Aaron and Dad whipped up something that would work for now.

Might make something a bit fancier once the weather
is warmer and we decide what kind we want.

A bit of landscaping was done this weekend as well. Dad asked a friend of his to come and bury the old chicken coop that has been an eyesore for months. In preparation for the burial, Dad had to pull the trees out of the coop. 

Part of the coop fell down with the tree, and we realized that the walls were flimsy enough to pull or push down. While I held the camera and stood at a safe distance, Daniel and Aaron took down the rest of the walls.

From this ugliness...

Much better! Now we can see all of the garbage
that was in the coop. Can't wait until this gets buried!

Standing on a field of victory :)

Lastly I have something to show you that I've been working on. We are currently using a metal CD tower as a coat rack - not exactly what we had in mind. While rummaging through the barn, Dad found an old wooden coat stand, and I've decided to clean it up, sand it down, and make some minor repairs to it. 

It's pretty dirty, but I'm going to make it
look sharp.

Really old hooks that have rusted over. I'll be restoring
these as well. 

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Oooo, and it just started snowing!