Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Like A Boss: Vegas, Closet Happiness and Polyurethane

I'm pretty sure that winter makes me depressed. For the past few months, all I have wanted to do was curl up on my patchy couch with a cup of tea and watch television. Being unemployed, that is what I ended up doing a lot, even though I've had a "to do" list that is pages long. Meh. I love snow, but I hate the sunshine-less days between November and March. 

The good news is that I am finally coming out of the winter funk, and things are finally starting to happen!

I was able to take one of those trip-of-a-lifetime vacations early in February to see my best friend in Las Vegas. We ended up staying in downtown Vegas for a few days, seeing the sights, visiting casinos and becoming good friends with Fat Tuesdays :) We finished up my week there at her house baking cookies, watching movies and eating amazing food that her mom made. So much fun! I loved Nevada with its beautiful mountains and warm February temperatures!

Self-explanatory :)

Bellagio Fountains

Couple of classy ladies hanging in Vegas

I took a picture with the worst Elvis impersonator 
that we found, lol. 

Red Rock Canyon, NV. I could have stayed there
all day.

On to house-ish items of note.

While I was in Las Vegas, my Dad-in-law and husband hung up our upstairs bathroom doors. They still don't have knobs, but the bathroom privacy level is slowly increasing :)

We are waiting to stain these doors until
we find out what the really old doors will do
with stain/polyurethane.

We decided to start working on our master bedroom closet, mostly because I was really sick of having to dig through suitcases and boxes to find clothes. That, and the cat decided that it would be fun to break our drying rack, which had all of Daniel's work clothes hanging on it, and I wasn't about to start ironing clothes if I could help it (I know, I'm a terrible housewife).


During - the boards are snap-together flooring. Thank
you Mrs. Sickinger for teaching me to put this stuff
together when I was in high school!

After. We bought Rubbermaid mobile
wire shelving from Lowes. Finally a
place to hang our clothes!

This past weekend Daniel and I went to visit my Oma in Rochester NY. We weren't able to make it for Christmas, so we were due for a visit. Before we left on Friday, I broke out the cans of polyurethane and gave our living room and dining room floors a second coat. I would just like to say that I am a boss when it comes to this stuff. Seriously. I am really good.

Coat #2, and I think we are done for a long time.

One of the projects that is inevitably going to take the most time is the restoration of the old doors for the bedrooms. We are trying to keep 4 of the original doors from the house. When I say original, I mean that these guys are from the late 1800's, and they are still in fantastic condition. Removing the paint and stain has proved to be a challenge so far. 

This is the result of my Mom-in-law's labours
over the past few months. Four layers of paint/stain
have almost been removed from the door. I've started to
work on this one a bit while she is at work.

After two hours hours of sanding, there is still a long
way to go on this one. And this is only one side!

Honestly, I'm just hoping that the ridiculous amount of work is worth it. We're going to finish up this door, try out some stain/poly on it and pray that it doesn't look like our "fire floors" upstairs. 

Last of all, a picture of Tigon, just because everyone needs a cute cat picture now and again :)