Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Nursery and the Glory of a Bedroom Door

38 weeks along.

Looks like I'm hiding a prize winning pumpkin under my shirt.

I can finally "nest" because the baby's room is finished! Wheeee!

My husband and my father in law have been spending most of their weekends over the past month trying to get everything taken care of in the nursery. Remember, this is an old house. Nothing is level, straight or at the proper 90 degree angle. It has been quite a challenge for them, but the results look great!

As mentioned in my last post, we were going to have some surprise artwork done in the room. Daniel's best friend Bryan is an amazing artist, and did a smashing job with what I asked him to paint.

I really enjoy the classic Winnie the Pooh books and art. Bryan took some of my favorite pictures straight from the books and painted them on the walls.

Piglet running with Eeyore's birthday present

Tigger and Roo playing with pine cones.

Pooh, Piglet and Christopher Robin playing Pooh Sticks
in the stream

Pooh saving his most precious possessions from the 
great flood in the 100 Acre Wood.

Pooh and the honey tree

Group shot of all the characters.

Love, love LOVE what Bryan was able to paint - such a talented guy! Many thanks to him for making the nursery completely unique.

Here are some pictures of the room itself.

Please take note of the wonderful straight door,
door trim and baseboard.

Dad and Daniel even managed to square out the windows 
so that they are square and no longer crooked!

Window overlooking the back yard. They
used some of the old baseboard from the
original house to form the frames in this room.
I sanded and planed and painted it - looks
much nicer now!

All this to say that we are pretty much ready for the baby to come. Ironic thing is that he won't be sleeping in the nursery right away; he'll be in our bedroom for a while. After all of that work in the nursery... well, at least it is ready to go.

Speaking of our bedroom....

We FINALLY have a bedroom door!
And the best part is that the door latches and locks!
I finished sanding and polyurethaning the door a few weeks
ago, and last weekend Daniel and Dad installed it.

I may be more excited about having a functioning bedroom
door than I am about the baby! We purchased reproduction
rim locks for all of our old doors, and I think that this one in
particular looks rather spectacular. Oh, and see that keyhole?
That is real. That is how our bedroom door locks. So. Cool.

That is about it for house projects until after the holidays (which are rapidly approaching, how did that year go by so quickly?!?). Dan and I will finish a few small things around the house before the baby arrives, but we're going to hold off on anything big until the new year. I think we're going to need some time to adjust to a wee one, not to mention that we'll probably be exhausted!